Godzilla’s Not a Dinosaur - Abby Bland

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"Godzilla's Not a Dinosaur" by Abby Bland is a dynamic blend of comedy and spoken word, launching fiery blasts at traditional gender norms. Bland's magnetic stage presence and quick wit captivate the loud and supportive audience, while vibrant backdrops and a delightful voiceover elevate the show beyond the usual at-the-mic experience.


Drawing on iconic franchises and celestial bodies alike, Bland masterfully weaves metaphors that bite with unapologetic truth. They delve deep into the intriguing origins of Godzilla and its inevitable subversion. This powerful commentary highlights the dark reality of turning trauma into profit.


Bland's exploration of sexuality is clever and personal, sharing their personal origin story. Deftly interspersing jokes with deep insights, Bland engages the audience with moments that take a beat to land due to their cleverness.


"Poking fun at the patriarchy" is an understatement as Bland boldly deconstructs pop culture and Hollywood's portrayal of women. Emphasizing strength and empowerment, they send a powerful message about breaking free from stereotypes and societal expectations. The audience responds enthusiastically, snapping in resonance as Bland's powerful words and themes strike a chord.


The performance is heavily dependent on pop culture references, drawing inspiration from iconic franchises like Jurassic Park, Adventure Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Godzilla. While these references may resonate with fans, those unfamiliar with them might feel a little lost at times.


The show's humor is omnipresent. Response poems seamlessly blend with the stand-up segments, marked by a distinct rhythm and strategic stage positioning. This well-balanced hybrid of poetry and comedy offers a refreshing theatrical experience that deserves recognition.


"Godzilla's Not a Dinosaur" is an excellent showcase of Abby Bland's talent as a comedian and spoken word artist. Their sharp wit and bold insights not only entertain but also challenge societal norms. Voices like Bland's are vital, encouraging audiences to celebrate uniqueness and embrace authenticity.

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