Here Be Dragons - Circus Scorpius

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

“Here Be Dragons” by the Circus Scorpius artists is a superb aerial show that leaves a lasting impression. The production takes us on a mesmerizing journey with ocean explorers aboard their submarine, diving deep into the unknown. Playful encounters with fish and anemones soon lead to thrilling encounters with dangerous creatures lurking in the depths.

The choreography and musical choices are nothing short of delightful, conveying distinct personalities and emotions. Each set is a memorable experience, from the graceful dance of seahorses to the playful banter of pufferfish, and the intense beats of the giant squid’s tentacles. Transitions between acts become part of the story, adding to the wonder of what lies ahead.

The costumes are subtle yet effective, allowing us to easily recognize and connect with the characters, each representing different varieties of sea life. Accompanying music and lighting perfectly complements each dance, enhancing the overall experience.

The movement and dance tell the entire story, rendering words unnecessary. The performers’ sinuous movements in the cage and breathtaking performances on the aerial silks showcase impressive synchronization and create a beautiful innocence to the show.

“Here Be Dragons” is a seamless production from start to finish, featuring performers of various ages who all excel in their roles. The aerial performances, as peaceful and graceful as a trip to the aquarium (at least near the surface), captivate the audience from beginning to end.

“Here Be Dragons” is an extraordinary aerial and circus spectacle that stands out as the show to beat at the Fringe festival this year. The Circus Scorpius artists have created a visually stunning and emotionally resonant performance, leaving the audience in awe of the mesmerizing underwater world they have brought to life. With its superb production, memorable choreography, and seamless storytelling, “Here Be Dragons” is an absolute delight that should not be missed.

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