In Their Own Words: Class of 2023 - Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

Under the guidance of Damron Armstrong, artistic director of The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City, students from three South Kansas City High Schools have written spoken word pieces, poetry, and skits, which are being presented by performers from the South Kansas City Performing Arts Academy. What a treat it is for audiences to get a view into the hearts and minds of the class of 2023, delivered with compassion, and occasional humor, by such a well-cast ensemble!

The show kicks off with a fun voiceover followed by the performers’ taking over the show. It comes with the promise of plague and a 50% chance of pestilence, delivered with cohesive cast teamwork and perfect timing, resulting in much laughter from the audience before moving into more serious content.

The rest of the performance is a series of short works by select students, presented by varying performers and combinations. Impossible to summarize the 15+ works, they range from the use of RBF in “The Girl in the Mirror”, to an ending of “it’s not a cry for help, it’s a scream for it”, to a loving ode to mom. All are relevant and important perspectives from these young authors.

Don’t skip this one. Highly recommended for all audiences.

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