It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day: A Tribute to Bill Withers - Br. John

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

From the moment Brother John steps on stage, the audience knows it’s gonna be a lovely show. Joyful and exuding good will, “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day: A Tribute To Bill Withers” is a treat down a musical memory lane.

Brother John intersperses storytelling and personal anecdotes as transitions between songs. Lighthearted at times, serious at others, he makes it clear how important Bill Withers’ music was and is. Sharing that one of his mother’s reprimands was ‘Now go to you room and bury your head in a book’, it’s clear that his childhood timeouts were put to very good use.

The show becomes a singalong at times, encouraged by Brother John and Rick Cole, his guitar-playing accompanist. Clapping, singing, and getting to know this charismatic singer is sure to be an enjoyable hour for any audience.

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