J to the A to the Double Z - Jazzy K Productions

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Karen E. Griffin is a textile artist who also does visual storytelling, portraying notable people in her one-woman shows where she aptly gives educational and detailed portraits of her subjects in a highly entertaining way. She has performed in schools, museums, even as far away as Australia, bringing the story of American jazz to an appreciative audience. In her “J to the A to the Double Z”, she takes us through the stories of four jazz greats: their early lives, professional highs and lows, all the way to their final days.


Ms. Griffin is a compelling storyteller, clearly well accustomed to getting an audience and keeping it. The four segments are full of interest, and even the most ardent fan of jazz will come away having learned something new. Her passion for the subject comes through in every word (the tears in her eyes as she spoke of the death of Charlie Parker were quite genuine). Overall, the show is a finely tuned, well-crafted performance that is recommended to anyone with even the slightest interest in jazz.


Of note: the performance is heavy on audience participation, so choose your seat accordingly.

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