Jammed - Story Slinger Entertainment

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

What an honor it is for the KC Fringe Festival and Kansas City audiences to witness the world premiere of Jammed, thoughts on human trafficking through story, song and spoken word.

The talented cast of singers and dancers delivers a story of violence and sorrow using voices and movements of strength and beauty. The stunning harmonies and flawless voices of the four main protagonists soften the impact of their message about grooming, exploitation, and the hard reality of life after having been used as a product for consumption.

Adding to the pageantry and gripping emotion of the vocal performances are the dancers. Pervasive use of dance throughout this production keeps the energy and momentum rushing forward. Of special note are three dance scenes that depict the process of grooming, trafficking, then finally, rescue.

It’s often said that Kansas City loves standing ovations and while that may be true, on Friday, July 21, 2023, opening night of the world premiere of “Jammed”, the enthusiastic “Standing O” was well deserved. This performance is recommended to all audiences with a note that it is rated R for adult content.

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