Nathan Thomas: Never Stood a Chance - Nathan Thomas

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"Nathan Thomas: Never Stood a Chance" is an engaging blend of comedy and storytelling, with a focus that leans more towards the art of storytelling than traditional stand-up. Nathan captivates the audience with a diverse range of personal tales, from adventurous Alaskan wildfire fishing trips to poignant reflections on childhood traumas. His delivery exudes a calm and collected energy, drawing us in with a steady drip of under-the-radar humor that includes some fantastic groaners.

Embracing the power of storytelling, Nathan fearlessly ventures into the darker aspects of his past, addressing the repercussions of childhood trauma head-on with honesty and emotion. His openness allows the audience to connect deeply with his experiences, and we come away with a sense of shared humanity and resilience.

The show's various bits follow a tender thread, with a positive and therapeutic message about therapy and personal growth. His self-deprecating humor never comes at the expense of others, and his jokes offer relatable moments that resonate with the audience.

The long-form written story in the latter half maintains a consistent tone and delivery, though the transition could be refined to strengthen the overall flow. However, the story details remain consistently interesting throughout, keeping the set engaging from start to finish.

"Never Stood a Chance" is a poignant and entertaining show that leaves a lasting impression. Nathan's willingness to share deep insights and occasional moments of profound introspection makes this performance a commendable and worthwhile experience at the KC Fringe Festival. This reviewer joined Nathan in shaking a fist at their past, resolute in forging a new future.

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