On the Veranda - Warehouse Ensemble

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

“On the Veranda” from the Warehouse Ensemble sets itself apart from many Fringe performances before it even starts, with its gorgeous and extensive set. But it’s not just a pretty face. Sometimes it’s a silly one too with plenty of slapstick and misunderstandings.

Rich with surprises, hijinks, treachery and laughter, this show takes the audience on a rollicking ride, along with the characters on stage, with a driving force to have fun and move the storyline forward. Of special note is Marge, the officer in charge (just ask her). With her strut, intensity, and Fargo style of speech, she’s the heart of the show. That being said, the entire cast puts their hearts into the show.

Overheard outside the auditorium, “On the Veranda captures all of the elements of a classic Fringe show, including its essence”. This reviewer concurs.

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