One Million Monkeys - Playwrights Co-op

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"One Million Monkeys" by the Playwrights Co-op playfully delves into the fascinating theory of a million monkeys typing away to produce Shakespeare's works, making for a unique comedic experience. The premise of an eccentric scientist attempting this experiment holds great promise for humor and imaginative storytelling. Throughout the show, the clever "Dear diary..." exposition and well-placed zingers bring genuine laughter. The actors shine with their commitment to their roles, infusing the performance with big personalities that add charm to the humor.

The light-hearted and grounded absurdity brings a sense of playfulness, but balancing the humor to include a richer blend of wit and imaginative storytelling would allow the show to fully showcase its potential. By shifting the focus from some of the more straightforward and repetitive humor to embrace the darker comedic moments, "One Million Monkeys" can create a more dynamic and memorable experience for its audience. While some elements may benefit from fine-tuning and a more consistent balance, the overall atmosphere and creativity of "One Million Monkeys" keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Despite a modest set, the show proves that it doesn't need elaborate props to captivate its viewers. With its delightful premise and committed performances, "One Million Monkeys" showcases the potential for even more comedic brilliance. By building on its strengths and refining the execution, this comedy could soar to even greater heights, providing an unforgettable theatrical experience that combines wit, imagination, and heart.

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