Stingy Lulu’s Jumpin’ Jook Joint - House of Dragons

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

From the very first moment of “Stingy Lulu’s Jumpin’ Jook Joint” when the action bursts into the theater, the audience is on notice that it’s going to be a fun, even joyful, performance. It wasn’t long before audience toes started tapping, accompanying the compelling beats fueling the electric performances on stage.

In this 45-minute show, House of Dragons offers a cornucopia of pageantry, show(wo)manship, and dance styles. Hip hop, street styles, jazz moves, and Lindy hop are all on the menu. In fact, during the introduction of the red shoes, there was even a sequence of chair dance moves that were… amazing! And there’s a dance off that is reminiscent of dance combat. Since House of Dragons was initially inspired by dragon style kung fu fighting – hence the name – this makes perfect sense!

Throughout, the use of razzle dazzle elements like fans snapping open, shimmering outfits, cool hats, gorgeous hairstyling, and extremely effective use of facial expressions and body language, all make “Jook Joint” an eclectic mix of high energy fun.

The on-stage action is supported by an occasional voiceover. While it doesn’t match the energy and mood of the dance, it does support understanding of the storyline, which is helpful.

This performance is recommended to all audiences with a note that it’s rated PG and a warning that viewers may need to restrain the impulse to stand up and join in the fun.

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