The Last Word is Hope: A Bipolar Biography - Card Table Theatre

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"The Last Word is Hope: A Bipolar Biography" by Jeremy Auman, is a raw and personal storytelling show that delves into the discovery, acceptance, and challenges of living with mental illness. Despite the heavy topic, Auman's delivery feels like a friendly chat down at the pub, making it easy for the audience to connect with his biographical journey.

Telling his own true tale, Auman evokes empathy from those without mental illness and creates a shared sense of humanity with those who have experienced it. The show's balance between highs and lows, levity, and warmth mirrors life itself, leaving room for hope even in the darkest times.

Throughout the performance, Auman's stage presence shines. From the nostalgic musings of his glory days to sharing emotionally difficult moments from his childhood and family experiences with bipolar disorder. His use of a projector to display old photographs and occasional writings further enhances the impact of his storytelling.

Overall, "The Last Word is Hope: A Bipolar Biography" leaves a profound message of hope, reminding audiences to stay strong during difficult times and to seek help and support without shame. It's a performance that touches the heart and offers a guiding light, much like a lighthouse on a stormy coast.

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