The TUNEabomber - Michael Wysong & John Lampe

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Set at a parole board hearing with an orange jumpsuit-clad Ted Kaczynski, "The TUNEabomber" brings an absurdly engaging twist to the life story of the notorious Unabomber. Playing a surprisingly likable Ted, John Lampe makes us laugh, tap our feet, and even hum to over a dozen well-crafted songs about a life filled with small spaces and big math equations. Lampe's striking resemblance to Ted enhances the comedic effect while he introduces us to an unexpected side of Kaczynski: a mathematician with a soft spot for musical theater.

The camaraderie between Lampe and his fellow performer, Michael Wysong, who skillfully flips between the roles of lawyer, brother, Bob Fosse, and others, adds a dynamic layer to the production. More than just a simple parody, "The TUNEabomber" immerses its audience in a whirlwind of lively music, comical dancing, and plot twists. The fresh and clever script leaves you hooked and guessing about the next outrageous element.

Though the subject may initially appear ludicrous, "The TUNEabomber" flawlessly morphs into a testament of creativity and pure entertainment that leaves the audience laughing, cheering, and standing in ovation. It's an unexpectedly delightful show that makes for a potential 'Best of the Fringe' contender. Remember to catch this unique musical comedy – it's truly one explosive "performance Ted can't bomb!"

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