Un/Classica(eria)L - Denver Aerial Dance Collective

Reviewed By David Black

I’ve seen MANY aerialists since I caught the Fringe bug 19 years ago, but this one ranks among the best. Much like KC hometown favorite Quixotic, Denver Aerial Dance Collective blends style and talent in a show that far surpasses every expectation.  Given that they are only in town for the first weekend of Fringe, I suggest you get your tickets now because this is a company that is on the rise (literally and figuratively).

The show blends classical and modern music seamlessly to underscore the panoply of aerial dance styles presented.  From serious athleticism to ballerinas en pointe, spinning sculptures to waves of colored lights in the dark, the show has something for everyone in every imaginable style.  I particularly liked the way they blended musical genres, from classical standards, such as “Moonlight Sonata” and “Prelude in G”, with international flavors from Spain and Celtic music to popular nightclub sounds.  The music and dance combine to create a spectacular performance that is fun for the whole family or a great date night out.  This is the sort of show that will make anyone a fan of Fringe for life.

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