What They Said About Sex - Steve Budd

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Steve Budd's "What They Said About Sex" is a fascinating exploration of personal narratives on the universal theme of sex. In an intricate one-person show, Budd crafts four unique characters inspired by real-life discussions on sexuality: a polyamorous tantric sex enthusiast named Maria, a gruff gay man with a Southern drawl, an 80-year-old woman whose frank tales echoed a mother's voice, and a trans man in love with women. Adding himself as the fifth perspective, Budd delves into his personal sexual journey, lending an earnest and engaging layer to the show.

With only his voice and minimal props, Budd convincingly embodies each character. His transitions are seamless, marked by vocal variations, prop changes, and stage positioning cues. This clear communication makes the performance easy to follow and deeply immersive. His skillful audience engagement and the emotional breadth of the show - invoking laughter, introspection, and even moments of sorrow - amplify its impact.

"What They Said About Sex" is an excellent and thought-provoking show that should not be overlooked. The way it delves into diverse sexual narratives and personal introspections makes it a unique experience that people should venture to see. Budd's charming performance and the honesty in these stories truly sparkle on the stage.

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