2017 Spoken Word Reviews

The Wendigo – Hephzibah Dutt Fringe Reviewer

For those of you who come to the Fringe seeking excellent solo performance, you are in for a treat. Artist and educator Mike Speller offers a carefully adapted and intricately performed show that–much like a favourite campfire tale– will captivate, thrill, and leave you walking away with tendrils of wonder and horror still twined about…

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Another Year Closer to Death – Kelly Luck Fringe, Reviewer

Kzany hails from Yukon, an Oklahoma City suburb best known for Garth Brooks and Grady the Cow, who got stuck up a silo for four days in 1949. Kzany’s offers poetic ruminations on her hometown, love, babysitting, etc, complete with illustrations by the author (Ms Kzany is of the ballpoint-pen-during-home-room school). There are also a…

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