Downtown Replay

KC/MOtion Show Information: Come play with us! Experience Kansas City in a way you’ve never heard or seen before! Downtown Replay is a collaborative and interactive piece exploring the sights and sounds of KC. Be a part of this full sensory experience featuring interactive dance, sound and video. KC/MOtion is Jon Robertson, Lauren Thompson, and…

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Liminal State: A Travelers’ Guide

Fishtank Theatre Show Information: The Fishtank’s new performance ‘Liminal State: A Traveler’s Guide’ delivers an eclectic collection of new theatrical work; modern and experimental, celebrating the body as an expressive tool, vessel for research, and site for social action. Inspired by Butoh and physical theatre, Liminal State travels the threshold of liminality, or, the in-between,…

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Belly Dance on the Fringe – Rhythm & Moves

Raghsidad & Friends Show Information: The sound of Middle Eastern music stands apart because of its unique instrumentation and rhythms. Raghsidad and Friends will demystify the sounds by presenting the facts of the beats using figures in motion and sharing examples and samples of these fascinating rhythms. Raghsidad! welcomes Amanda of Numinous Dance as our…

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