Spoken Word

Mama’s Boy

Blake Friis Show Information: Blake Friis grew up a proud, self-proclaimed mama’s boy. His mother was smart, funny, and the toughest person in town. After a devastating car accident, she made a recovery that exceeded everyone’s expectations…except her own. Three days after Blake’s 13th birthday, she ended her life. Set to original Americana music by…

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The Devil on the Wall or, That Time I Got Kidnapped

Jamie Campbell Show Information: Jamie Campbell re-lives the time he was kidnapped as a child in this solo performance that is part comedy, part storytelling, and 100% true. Travel back to 1991 as Jamie relives what he calls the “greatest adventure of my life.”  Harrowing at points, and astounding in others, the veteran comedian deftly…

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Summerfest is for the Birds

Summerfest Concerts Show Information: This program is a celebration of all the arts-chamber music style! We present Michael Horwood’s Birds, which combines music and over 120 projected images to tell a story designed by Toronto writer Michael Schulman. You’ll hear “Baby Birds,” “Endangered Birds,” and even “Strange Birds” come vividly to life with the piccolo…

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