DancesandMusicofIndiaNritya School of Indian Dance and Music

Nritya is a versatile company of dancers who work primarily in the Indian classical dance style called Bharathanatyam. Heavily based in both rhythm and lyricism, the dance style involves the use of the whole body, including dramatic facial expressions, to convey emotions or perform intricate step sequences. Combining modern spacing, themes, and theatrical techniques with yoga along with the traditional repertoire, and other Indian dance styles, the company produces dynamic captivating programs that appeal to all ages.

Dance | 60m | Rated G |

ElectoralDysfunctionRight Between the Ears

The award winning radio comedy show goes off on Campaign 2016! Donald Trump wants to build a wall with his tiny hands, Hillary Clinton has email trouble, Ted Cruz is against genital stimulation of any kind, and Bernie Sanders just wants you to get off his damn lawn. It's Saturday Night Live-meets-the Golden Age of Radio in this hour of topical tomfoolery by public radio's popular farceurs. Right Between the Ears is broadcast every week on Kansas Public Radio stations.

Comedy | 60m | Rated G |

orlo (1)Lucia Aerial Performing Arts

Similar to the origins of Fringe Festivals, exploring things outside parameters leads to great innovative works. Within Lucia Aerial’s Performance Company, we believe in challenging our young artists’ physical limits and calling upon our seasoned aerialists to create emotionally-charged content beyond their comfort zone. Join us as a cast of more than a dozen performers test their boundaries on the trapeze, silks, lyra, straps, rope, and contortion. Warning: Smoke, Haze or Fog

Dance | 60m | Rated G |

RiverCowOrchestraRiver Cow Orchestra

The world is changing and music must change with it. River Cow Orchestra takes a bold new path. Every song is created on the spot, without charts or written music. We invite you to experience the magic of music creation. Warning: Adult Language

Music | 60m | Rated PG |

KCMagicCabaretKC Magic Cabaret

Kansas City's finest magicians, sideshow freaks, and absolutely no f#!king mimes - All shows adults only. Rev. Al Hosts - Mysterious Bulls#@*! And Other Oddities - an adults only show that is bawdy, raucous, crazy and always filled with surprises! Reverend Al and his troupe of insane, bizarre magicians get ready to amaze, mystify, make you laugh, maybe scream, and have you saying "Ohh My God!." Come join the journey to a world you will not soon forget. Warning: Adult Language

Variety | 60m | Rated R |

RumorsImageKinetic Fusion (Minneapolis, MN)

Residents of the sleepy town of Radostdale don't dare close their eyes after the sun goes down. Mysterious events, disappearances, shadows hidden in the mist, and the word vampire is on everyone's lips. Whisper it, scream it, mock it. After tonight, the rumors will only get stronger. Warning: Simulated Violence

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG |

Take Flight an Adventure in Cirque - ImaginezImaginez Ensemblez (Chicago, IL)

Take Flight is a tale of courage, resiliency and friendship told through aerial silks, folk tales and lots and lots of luggage. As he clutches a one-way ticket to his dreams, Bumbles' plane stalls on the tarmac. With his heart (Kiki) and Mind (Fink) at odds, Bumbles must choose between clinging to the past or leaping into the unknown. Join Kiki, Bumbles and Fink as they journey into a circus theatre world of whimsy and imagination exploring the exhilarating joy and crippling fear of taking flight.

Theatre | 60m | Rated G |

Trick'sAdventureJazzTrick's Adventure Jazz

Traditional instruments and forms are blended with twenty-first century electronic experimentation and spoken-word by performers of diverse ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Music | 60m | Rated G

Words+MusicLyric Opera/Coterie/UMKC

Begin with WORDS from Coterie's Young Playwright's Roundtable: Add MUSIC from five composers in association with the UMKC Conservatory Composition Department. Performed by their creators, singer/actors from the Lyric Opera of Kansas City's varied programs and pianist Robert Pherigo, five new spoken word pieces become five tiny opera scenes. W+M = something greater than the sum of its parts. Warning: Adult Language

Music | 60m | Rated PG |


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