Comedy Reviews

Susanna Lee joins Fringe for the tenth time this year with a new show that is a little something different from her usual fare, but familiar enough that old fans will feel at home. [read more]

Late night, or early morning that finds an overworked, overstressed, under-rested college graduate undertaking probably the most horrendous 17-page script known to mankind and attempting to turn a overstuffed actor’s words into a plausible working script aimed at box office gold in the one-woman comedy, Script to the Bone at the Just Off Broadway Theatre. [read more]

There is improv, and there is Improv. In the right hands improv can be an exciting and, yes, extremely funny medium. Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding could plop down in front of a couple of microphones and spin an entire cockeyed universe of eccentrics. The Second City of Chicago (and Toronto) pretty much became the farm team for American comedy in the 70s. When it's done well, improv can be brilliant. [read more]

Run for your own sanctity if you are a political candidate or have some political views that you don’t want subject to the demented and twisted minds of the cast of Right Between the Ears and their current show at the City Stage in Union Station, Electoral Dysfunction 2016. [read more]

Word to the wise:  Enter at your own risk.  Fits of laughter engulf the audience as three of the most brilliant and creative comic minds in Kansas City combine their off-beat random thoughts into one of the funniest entries into the Kansas City Fringe Festival in several years.[read more]