Fringe Benefits is a special program extended to our donors who donate during our festival fundraising campaign in June and July.

Fringe Follower ($25+)

Fringe Benefits: Listing on the web site.

Fringe Fan ($50+)

Fringe Benefits: The above, plus two tickets to an in-person Fringe show of your choice in 2022.

Fringe Friend ($100+)

Fringe Benefits: All of the above, plus two Fringe t-shirts and access to private "Best of Fringe 2021" post-Fringe video.

Fringe Favorite ($250+)

Fringe Benefits: All of the above, plus your name listed on the ticket sales page as a sponsor of a Fringe production (to be chosen by the donor, subject to availability), and receipt of a private video of the sponsored production after the 2021 Fringe season is over (for private use only, not for distribution).

Fringe Fanatic ($500+)

Fringe Benefits: All of the above, plus an individual 30-minute Zoom meeting with a local Fringe artist (of the donor's choice, at a mutually agreeable time) explaining their production and performance.

Fantastic Fringe Funder ($1,000+)

Fringe Benefits: All of the above, plus VIP Status for two for the 2022 Fringe season, along with two Fringe t-shirts and a complimentary private dinner with the Festival founder and an artist(s) of the donor's choice in 2022.


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