Out of Town Artists

SexDrugsandAudienceParticipation2Lorens (Minneapolis, MN)

When the music stops, if you're holding the bowl come up on stage and reach in to choose one of the naughty topics inside. So begins every performance of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation. One of the Indy Fringe's top 10 selling shows and a critically acclaimed Hollywood Fringe Encore presentation, Howard Lieberman and Loren Niemi guarantee that no two performances will be the same but every one will offer emotionally honest true stories seasoned with laughter. Warning: Adult Language

The Buffalo Room | Spoken Word | 60m | Rated R

jason.jpgOlive Juice Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Travel back in time to days where Gods ruled the sky, monsters roamed the earth, and every warrior was a brand new hero! Jason & the Argonauts follows a hero named Jason who is on a quest to bring home the legendary Golden Fleece. There are dangers to face and monsters to defeat but brave warriors (played by young members of the audience!) are there to help Jason conquer any challenge thrown their way. With an abundance of audience participation, Jason & the Argonauts is fun for all ages. Warning: Simulated Violence

Mesner Studio | Theatre | 60m | Rated G

macduoimage3 Crazy Sons (Orange City, IA)

Macduo is a two-person adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish tragedy. Utilizing minimal props and costumes, the Hubbard husband and wife team play the murderous duo, their victims, the creepy creeping witches, the avenging Macduff, and many more. Foul is most definitely fair in this rendering of the hellish consequences of "vaulting ambition." Warning: Simulated Violence

Mesner Studio | Theatre | 60m | Rated PG

MamaLogsDebbie From (Cleveland, GA)

Prepare to be transported on a humorous and heart-warming journey skirting around the topic of motherhood. Whether you're a mother or you have a mother, come meet an array of characters who share intimate details reflecting varied perspectives on the vastness of parenting and life. A series of adult-themed monologues crafted from a combination of interviews, stories and personal experiences. Warning: Adult Language

Westport Coffeehouse | Spoken Word | 60m | Rated R | www.debbiefrom.com

NiquePoetryNique (Lawrence, KS)

Nique Poetry is the premiere spoken word poetry showcase in the Greater Kansas City area. Within the first of year of being founded, they have already traveled over three different states, and their members have all individually placed and/or won Poetry Slams. Warning: Adult Language

Musical Theater Heritage Stage 2 | Spoken Word | 60m | Rated PG

OhSusannaLucky DeLuxe (West Hollywood, CA)

Susanna Lee (Lucky DeLuxe) is a KC Fringe Festival staple. She is a standup comic, storyteller, and patron saint to provocateurs. Over the past decade, her shows have explored areas of life that others don't dare touch. Her charm, honesty, and wit make stories from the darker side of life not only palatable, but distinctively enlightening. In 2016, she sets aside her persona (Lucky DeLuxe) for a more elemental show, filling an hour of your life with an experience you can't find anywhere else. Warning: Adult Language

Westport Coffeehouse | Comedy | 60m | Rated R | www.susannalee.com

PissingontheGreatWallMaximum Verbosity (St. Louis Park, MN)

A cranky Chinese-American returns to the Middle Kingdom in the midst of a new identity crisis. Whether beating the streets of Beijing in pursuit of a stolen backpack or confronting Communism in an Emperor's tomb, engaging in a battle of wits with overzealous tour guides or performing a pig sacrifice in his ancestral village, the champion of negative thought returns with more mystery, more musings, and of course more angst, in his first travelogue since the 2010 Fringe hit Descendant of Dragons. Warning: Adult Language

Westport Coffeehouse | Spoken Word | 60m | Rated PG | www.maximumverbosityonline.org

ScripttotheBoneMicro Budget Productions (Leavenworth, KS)

Danielle Swatzell stars as Hannah, a PH.D. deep in debt and currently working for a manipulative film producer as a script doctor. Charged with the task to fix the flaws in action and horror movies she disdains, Hannah continues to hold on to her sanity and search for employment at reputable universities while reluctantly applying her education and research skills to blockbuster scripts submitted by big name movie stars. Will she survive the latest challenge? Warning: Adult Language

Just Off Broadway | Comedy | 60m | Rated PG | stagefancy.com

Shrew'd ImageTeresa Moore (Concord, CA)

A fun, fresh, and quirky one-woman adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew guaranteed to put a smile on your face even if you hated reading Hamlet in high school.

Mesner Studio | Theatre | 60m | Rated G

RumorsImageKinetic Fusion (Minneapolis, MN)

Residents of the sleepy town of Radostdale don't dare close their eyes after the sun goes down. Mysterious events, disappearances, shadows hidden in the mist, and the word vampire is on everyone's lips. Whisper it, scream it, mock it. After tonight, the rumors will only get stronger. Warning: Simulated Violence

Union Station City Stage | Theatre | 60m | Rated PG | laughingnomadproductions.com

Take Flight an Adventure in Cirque - ImaginezImaginez Ensemblez (Chicago, IL)

Take Flight is a tale of courage, resiliency and friendship told through aerial silks, folk tales and lots and lots of luggage. As he clutches a one-way ticket to his dreams, Bumbles' plane stalls on the tarmac. With his heart (Kiki) and Mind (Fink) at odds, Bumbles must choose between clinging to the past or leaping into the unknown. Join Kiki, Bumbles and Fink as they journey into a circus theatre world of whimsy and imagination exploring the exhilarating joy and crippling fear of taking flight.

Union Station City Stage | Theatre | 60m | Rated G | www.imaginezensemblez.com

reallyfunnyimprovshowAwkward Attic Ensemble (St. Louis, MO)

Long known as the Gateway to the West, St. Louis has switched from exporting Oregon Trail settlers to exporting really funny comedy shows. Come see a showcase of the best young and upcoming improvisors the Arch City has to offer. Featuring veterans of the 2014 and 2015 St. Lou Fringe Festivals, 2015 KC Fringe Festival, and the 2014 Chicago Improv Festival. Warning: Adult Language

Mesner Studio | Comedy | 60m | Rated R

Two By Tennessee WilliamsHome Grown Theatre Co. (New York, NY)

A rare chance to see two one-act plays by the great Tennessee Williams, the author of A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and The Glass Menagerie. In Two By Tennessee Williams Kansas City Audiences will see the local premiers of Williams' one act plays I Can't Imagine Tomorrow and Green Eyes performed back to back before this production premiers in New York in the fall. From the company behind Really, Really (Fringe '15) and Princess Bride (Fringe '14) Warning: Adult Language

Arts Asylum | Theatre | 60m | Rated PG

UncommonCoreTheatre 102 (Madison, WI)

There are days I look out over my students and I close my plan book and I shut my door and I open my eyes to the lessons they really need to learn, no matter what the Common Core deems worthy of my curriculum. These students deserve a celebration. Come join me and see why.

Teaching is about changing the world. If you don't believe that, you're not doing it right. - 8th Grade Student, Room 102 

Some days I look out over my students and I see hungry minds. There is much to bemoan in the current state of our education system. But none of it is the students. They deserve a celebration.

Unicorn Jerome Stage | Spoken Word | 60m | Rated G