FairyTalesforGrownupsLaura Packer

What happens before once upon a time and after happily ever after? Did Beauty really love the Prince or only the Beast? And what's all that fuss about poisoned apples anyway? Join storyteller Laura Packer for an exploration of the other side of enchantment. No Disney princesses, singing teapots or emasculated wolves. An evening of fairy tales for grownups. Darker. Sexier. Funnier. Grimmer. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated R |

ImpenetrableinnocenceJamie Mayo

What if the sunshine, undulating red and orange across your eyelids, slides down a little lower, lights a sweet fire in your belly? What if your fingers dancing across your friend's arm light a fire down low in her belly? What if what makes you feel alive is cast into the shadows, staining your experience of sex? Can you find your way back to that light that first warmed your body when you were a child? I've got stories. Come a little closer and I'll whisper them in your ear.

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated R |

LifeLaidBareMax Brown

Max H. Brown, retired drama teacher explains it all for you - after 42 years in the classroom from his humble beginnings in Sunflower, Kansas and his first production of The Ugly Duckling to the present day, Max takes us on a humorous and often intense, wild journey through his life, loves, failures and successes, in and out of the classroom. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 90m | Rated R

Mama'sBoyBlake Friis

Blake Friis grew up a proud, self-proclaimed mama's boy. His mother was smart, funny, and the toughest person in town. After a devastating car accident, she made a recovery that inspired everyone around her. Then, three days after Blake's 13th birthday, she ended her life. In this one-man show, set to original Americana music, Blake discusses the stigma of suicide, growing up a loss survivor, and learning to find peace with questions that can never be answered. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated PG

MosquitoRadioHourIIA Swarm of Tellers

It is the second year and we still suck! We will feature artists from River & Prairie Storyweavers, National Storytelling Network, and the Free State Story Slam. We are not The Moth but each night a new swarm of tellers will share stories of irritations, annoyances, and the many bumps of life. Not quite a slam but there may be some slapping... Warning: Adult Language

The Fishtank | 60m | Rated PG

secondladiesHeidi Van

A history of the influential women behind the woman behind the man. The politics of sex, desire and power. Written & Directed by Heidi Van.

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG |

TricksterPriscilla Howe

In a "look-Ma-no-hands" storytelling show not quite directly from Eastern Europe, storyteller Priscilla Howe brings you imported tricksters, folktales, anecdotes, jokes and language. Bulgarian language. Ridiculous travelogue situations, drool-worthy food descriptions and scatological references may occur. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated PG |

YoungBlackVictorianHeidi Van

Orphaned by tribal warfare and saved from human sacrifice, one little girl from West Africa became the adopted goddaughter of Queen Victoria. Lady Sara Forbes Bonetta, named by the captain who rescued her, and after the ship that took her to England, impressed Queen Victoria with her intelligence. Straddling two cultures, Lady Sara spent her life between the British Royal household and her homeland in Africa. Fishtank Resident Artist Ras Badejo brings her story to life this year at the KC Fringe Festival.

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG |


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