HacksFriend Dog Studios

When these brothers find out they've unknowingly started a cult and terrorist organization online and are visited by its leader, they are forced to grapple with his absurd and persuasive arguments. This off-beat, unforgettable comedy digs into the strange power of ideas...even really, really stupid ones. Written and performed by Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi. Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated R |

SelflessThe Living Room Theater

From the mind that brought you Chainsaw the Musical, The Grave, and Outta Beer and Outta Space. Come look into the mind of Kansas City's mad genius that is Forrest Attaway. Seth Macchi stars in this one man tour de force, as he relays some of the most memorable moments of Forrest's life. Guaranteed to be a different show every performance, we dare you not to laugh, cry, or be amazed at the life of one of the most important people in America! Warning: Smoke, Haze or Fog

Comedy | 60m | Rated PG |

TableThe Living Room Theater

John is bound to a chair. A man wants to kill him, The killer is the least of John's problems. Curtis Smith's play, The Table, explores the parallels between the life we have, the life we want, and the death we deserve.

Theatre | 60m | Rated R |

WickedCreaturesThe Living Room Theater

Lights up: England, the 1800s. When the mysterious, cross-dressing Sonja Smithson invites Archibald Worthington into her home for the evening, he suddenly finds himself held prisoner. With the aide of her two companions: the incorruptibly good Emily Clearwater, and the humorously foul-mouthed Clara Hollowell, Sonja forces Archie to perform sexual acts in the pursuit of the greatest scientific invention she can imagine: the perfect female contraceptive. But time is of the essence. Warning: Gunshots

| 90m | Rated R |


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