AsphaltMosaicAndrew Rolston

A no-nonsense businessman's life is thrown into turmoil after losing the company he's spent decades growing from the ground up. Surprise comes when informed that he is a father to a daughter he never knew existed. He embarks, along with his newborn grandchild and an upbeat and offbeat free-spirited runaway girl on a cross-country road trip with the hope of making amends with his estranged daughter.

Westport Coffeehouse | 60m | Rated PG

AudienceNegative Space

Told as a verbal symphony. You will stand/sit on stage and look out into the theater seats where couples must sit side by side and watch the movie of each other's lives to find truth, understanding, and the strength to move on. Playgoers can choose to follow one of four, change from one to the other, or experience the work in it's sound totality. The people who brought you Bird in the Hand and Intermission create an experience that asks at the end of our lives who exactly is in the Audience. Warning: Adult Language

Musical Theater Heritage Main Stage | 60m | Rated PG

BarrymoreCentral Standard Theatre

Barrymore centers on the legendary American actor a month before his death in 1942. John Barrymore spends the evening memorizing lines for a revival of Shakespeare's Richard III. The problem is his memory is shot. As the evening progresses, Barrymore reminisces with the audience with stories from his past. But he finds himself coming face to face with some of his most deep-seated demons. Charles Pulliam and Jacob Nelson are featured in this Tony Award winning play by William Luce.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m | Rated G |

Been Finn ImagePhil Kinen's Big Show Productions

Once again, from the outrageous mind of Phil Kinen, who paired Huck Finn with Peter Pan in last year's Fringe hit Never Ever After, comes another unconventional Huck Finn tale. Been Finn is the story of a middle-aged Huck Finn meeting for the first time his 20-year old bastard son, Benjamin Franklin Adams. In their banter of blood lines, imagined friends, lost youth, and kite flying; the estranged pair unearth the ills and inherit sins of their heritage. Father and son desperately seek absolution and reconciliation by the discovery of the one compelling aspect they both mysteriously mirror. Warning: Adult Language

Just Off Broadway | 60m | Rated R

BingoontheBoulevardDonna Woodard Ziegenhorn

Along Troost Avenue, long KC's line of demarcation, neighborhood people come to life at a monthly bingo game when tragedy hits. Inspired by true stories collected in local interviews, the play weaves together the lives of an immigrant, a KC 'blue blood,' a mental outcast, a female impersonator, and more. Cast: Ari Bavel, Pancha Brown, Lynn King and others. Elizabeth Herron (Lincoln Center & Apollo Theatre credits) directs a play by Donna W. Ziegenhorn (The Hindu & the Cowboy). Warning: Gunshots

Unicorn Jerome Stage | 60m Rated PG

A BIRD OF PREY 3x3 Graphic - Draft 2.psdThe Coterie

Monty has just arrived at a new school in a dangerous city where cruelty thrives among his peers. At home, his life isn't good due to his father; at school, he's ridiculed for carrying a Bible. Monty's one friend is a rebellious outsider who pulls the both of them into an overwhelming dilemma. Twelve teenagers who tackle mature themes and explicit language tell the gripping story. Performances will be followed by an open mic available to any who want to bring slam poetry, spoken word, or song. Warning: Adult Language

Westport Coffeehouse | 90m | Rated PG |

Boxes and AshesVicky Burnett

Rosemary is dead. The Funeral Director makes that clear. Rosemary's Ghost wants to know why she hasn't gone to wherever one goes. The man informs her people hang around for all sorts of reasons and she'll have to figure out for herself why she's still here. Once she does, she'll know how to move on. We get to know Rosemary through the eyes of others and through her comments and pleadings with her visitors. It's also believed by everyone, except Rosemary, that she committed suicide. Warning: Adult Language

Phosphor Studio | 60m | Rated PG

Bug Hunting 2Hayden Popp

Mac's problems are bugging him. He takes up arms against his sea of troubles by inventing a new way to execute pest control. When he learns of his Brother's impending fatherhood, he starts to face his ever approaching adulthood with a little more thought. Directed by Bryan Moses, Bug Hunting is a world premiere play by Hayden Popp. Warning: Gunshots

Phosphor Studio | 60m | Rated PG

ChasingNureyev-compChristie Kennard

What happens when life and art collide? As fandom turns into obsession, Diana and Kate discover what can go wrong as they chase ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev through the streets of St. Louis and Kansas City in 1974. Convinced their lives are meant to be entwined with his, their adventure tests not only their friendship but their driving privileges. Packed with giddy girls, high speed chases, ballet dancers, and KGB agents. Directed by Bryan Moses. Warning: Adult Language

Phosphor Studio | 60m Rated G

Crazy HorseCentral Standard Theatre

This solo show captures the spirit of the Great Sioux Wars, a struggle of two cultures over the American West. Crazy Horse, the brilliant Lakota warrior, manages to defy the might of the U.S. military, defeating Custer at the Little Bighorn, only to be betrayed by his jealous rivals. Through love, loss, and the horrors of war, Crazy Horse clings to his culture, his freedom, and the mystical power of his personal vision, a dream of thunder. Sam Wright stars with direction by Nicholas Collett.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m | Rated G |

dancingwithcrowsfeetArts and AGEing Kansas City

Dancing With Crow’s Feet is another signature piece inspired by lived experiences. The project is grounded in life stories of older women in Kansas City with the focus on aging from a female perspective. The play uses ancient folklore about crows to weave life stories together. Older women’s experiences align with one another through the rich symbolism of appearing crow’s feet. Their embodied rememberings become a discovery of connectedness as stories resonate between women and crow. Warning:

Musical Theatre Heritage Stage 2 | 60m | Rated G |

Desperate ActsAll Good Things

Three world premieres in one: An exiled writer must choose a new life—or chase an old dream. A filmmaker loses his big chance—and his grip on reality. An aging TV actor gets the dreaded call from the man upstairs—his producer. From tragic to comic, with just enough magic realism in between, Desperate Acts offers three perspectives on a singular dilemma: what do you do…when there’s nothing to be done? Featuring new works by Kansas City playwrights Inbar Kahn, Sarah Aptilon, and Victor Wishna. Warning: Adult Language. 

Just Off Broadway | 60m | Rated PG


UsherCentral Standard Theatre

"...I know not how it was - but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit." With these words, the Gothic story by Edgar Allen Poe unfolds. Adapter-Director Gavin Robertson's haunting tale, with original music from composer Danny Bright features Heidi Van, Ken Sandberg and Zack Chaykin as Roderick and Madeline Usher and the un-named narrator. Physical Theatre at its best in this collaborative KC-UK production.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m | Rated G |

fangirlsBrick Street Theatre

A female author, Emma Orczy, wrote a play in 1903 and created a character,The Scarlet Pimpernel, that was the mold for the modern superhero. In the 113 years since, boys have left girls out of the genre a girl created. Three girls decide to take back what belongs to them, staging a demonstration in the middle of Comicon.

Mesner Studio | 60m | Rated PG

FreakuptheStreetBilly Blob

When regret is your fondest memory. Andy Garrison stars as William, a middle-aged man who is visited by an eccentric childhood neighbor that arrives via time machine with lessons on how not to be like a possum. Bill Warren, Davis DeRock, and Sallie Downing also appear in this nostalgic and humorous look at childhood, written and directed by Billy Blob, who made the animations for last year's Fringe hit Voyage to Voyager. Produced by Bryan Colley. Warning: Adult Language

Unicorn Levin Stage |

Gilda Tribute KCFringeHelena K Cosentino

This tribute pays homage to Gilda Radner's infamous characters and quirky musical numbers. Gilda used humor and laughter to get through the struggles and cruelty of a life cut short, from being the fat kid to a woman on top of her game struck with terminal cancer. This is for all us who loved watching her on SNL and for younger generations to transport them back to a time where humor was innocent yet edgy and poignant. This is a glimpse into the life and timeless spirit of a girl named Gilda.

Just Off Broadway | 90m | Rated G

HacksFriend Dog Studios

When these brothers find out they've unknowingly started a cult and terrorist organization online and are visited by its leader, they are forced to grapple with his absurd and persuasive arguments. This off-beat, unforgettable comedy digs into the strange power of ideas...even really, really stupid ones. Written and performed by Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi. Warning: Adult Language

The Living Room | 60m | Rated R |

HouseoftheDevilCrumbleCake Productions

Seven people walk into a news station and no one gets out. An absurd comedy that touches on the systems we crave and the ways they betray us. The House of the Devil is a Hot Mess is an entirely Kansas City production. Featuring a full score by Caleb Madison. Written by Charlie Weitkamp. Designed by Kylor Greene, Thomas Creach. Featuring Willow Parsons, Bethany Elliot, Brittany Sawtelle, Ellyn Calvert, Jack Bohnenstiehl, Michael Doyle, Wil Weiss, Matt Applebury. Warning: Adult Language

Unicorn Levin Stage | 60m | Rated R

Relevance Productions

The Islander: A place where regulars come to drown their sorrows, forget their worries, and ignore the outside world. It seems like a typical quiet night at The Islander, until insurance salesman and bar regular Ed strikes up a conversation with a young woman awaiting a blind date. And as often is the case with drunken conversation, too many drinks are had, and conversation gets... profound. The Islander asks the familiar, yet tough questions: How do we fix our mistakes? Can we? And should we? Warning: Adult Language

Unicorn Levin Stage | 60m | Rated R

jason.jpgOlive Juice Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Travel back in time to days where Gods ruled the sky, monsters roamed the earth, and every warrior was a brand new hero! Jason & the Argonauts follows a hero named Jason who is on a quest to bring home the legendary Golden Fleece. There are dangers to face and monsters to defeat but brave warriors (played by young members of the audience!) are there to help Jason conquer any challenge thrown their way. With an abundance of audience participation, Jason & the Argonauts is fun for all ages. Warning: Simulated Violence

Mesner Studio | 60m | Rated G

JohnandLeslieCopyRoomMike Rice

The new secretary at a local public relations firm has captured the heart of a married co-worker. And it's getting noticed, especially by the nosy and manipulative Ellen. When she leads the inseparable pair to believe that one of them might be downsized, it triggers a wild and risk-filled chain of events. Pete Bakely, Kelly Main and Elizabeth Hillman star in this sweet, witty and heart-wrenching one-act directed by Bryan Moses and written by Mike Rice. Warning: Adult Language

Phosphor Studio | 60m | Rated PG

LastMichiganDiane Hightower

Annie is driven to the edge by her cravings for physical touch; Michelle struggles to feel more confident about her cancer-ravaged body.  What starts out as a carefree journey to the annual women’s music festival of Michigan turns into unanswered questions about what makes a relationship work.  Come along for the journey as this new play follows two lesbians into a secret forest full of feminists.  Starring Wendy Bucheit, Stephanie Spalding, Rebecca Ralstin and Anita Davis.  Directed by Emerson Rapp.  60m R (adult language, strong sexual content)

The Buffalo Room | 90m | Rated R

Luciano for Me Cartoon Final!Mindy Moritz and Steven Eubank

While on their class trip to Rome, a group of 8 girls fall head over expensive heels for their charming Italian tour guide: Luciano! While trying to make sure their nerdy chaperone teacher, Ava, doesn't get in the way of having fun on the trip, each girl will discover love, loss, and value in this new musical comedy that is fun for every age! This cute show is available to license and is ideal for any group looking for a short musical to feature women! Check out this original new musical!

Unicorn Levin Stage | 60m | Rated G

LupusChroniclesRyan Hruza

The Lupus Chronic(SLE) is a new Pop-Hip-Hopera written by Ryan Hruza, dealing with the struggles that Lupus poses to those affected by the disease, both physically and emotionally. This production will serve as a condensed version of what will eventually be a full length, two act production. 20% of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. Find more information about how you can help at Warning: Adult Language

Unicorn Jerome Stage | 60m | Rated R

macduoimage3 Crazy Sons (Orange City, IA)

Macduo is a two-person adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish tragedy. Utilizing minimal props and costumes, the Hubbard husband and wife team play the murderous duo, their victims, the creepy creeping witches, the avenging Macduff, and many more. Foul is most definitely fair in this rendering of the hellish consequences of "vaulting ambition." Warning: Simulated Violence

Mesner Studio | 60m | Rated PG

MannequinsJonathan Robertson

Mannequins is a new sound play from the producer/director of Companions and The Audio Cart. Mannequins stars Manon Halliburton as a confused housewife, lost in her fantasy world of dolls, dress-up, and television. David Fritts, playing the Husband, makes every effort to reconcile sanity and normalcy in their marriage. Through audible projections of inner dialogue, this play explores what is real, what is tangible, and do those things really matter. Warning: Adult Language

Unicorn Jerome Stage | 60m | Rated PG |

mimidafoeWhim Productions

From Kevin King (writer/producer of Bad Auditions & Flowers in the Wardrobe) and Tara Varney (director of Voyage to Voyager & Silver) comes a darkly comic multimedia stage play. Mimi Dafoe (Bonita Hanson) is setting the record straight with a dose of dry, brutal wit. Deep into her twilight years, she's agreed to an interview with a young filmmaker (Devon Barnes). From starlet to has-been to recluse: Mimi's putting her cards down, but that doesn't mean she's ready to show her hand or "even her face". Warning: Adult Language

Musical Theatre Heritage Stage 2 | 60m | Rated PG |

Annie OakleyCentral Standard Theatre

Annie Oakley is a little self-righteous. She wants to set the record straight and redefine herself as something more than Little Miss Sure Shot. Yes, she can shoot apples from her dog's head and the Kaiser's cigarette, but she is determined to make her mark on history, one that champions women's rights, the treatment of Native Peoples and the role of the gun in our American consciousness. Cheryl Weaver stars in John Gronbeck-Tedesco's play with music by Forrest Pierce. Directed by Bob Paisley. Warning: Gunshots

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m Rated G

River's EdgeCentral Standard Theatre

A woman deals the gradual acceptance of her beloved's death. She shares moments of her days and examines the growing number of insights discovered during her ritual of ongoing care. A tender and enlightening story of a soul's growing freedom from the stranglehold of devastating loss; humor and sensitivity mix to bring a touching example of commitment to a loved one after death, and the process we have come to know as "healing" the heart. Marilyn Lynch stars in Denny Dey's heartfelt play.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m Rated G

RumorsImageKinetic Fusion (Minneapolis, MN)

Residents of the sleepy town of Radostdale don't dare close their eyes after the sun goes down. Mysterious events, disappearances, shadows hidden in the mist, and the word vampire is on everyone's lips. Whisper it, scream it, mock it. After tonight, the rumors will only get stronger. Warning: Simulated Violence

Union Station City Stage | 60m | Rated PG |

secondladiesHeidi Van

A history of the influential women behind the woman behind the man. The politics of sex, desire and power. Written & Directed by Heidi Van.

The Fishtank | 60m | Rated PG |

SenecaAmanda Davison

Madge (played by Amanda Davison) is an agoraphobic scholar living in a dystopian America where Artificial Intelligence governs humanity. Madge travels on a musical journey across the continent on Seneca, her sentient motorcycle. A one-person show with singing. Warning: Strobe Lights

Mesner Studio | 60m | Rated G

Anne BoleynCentral Standard Theatre

What do you say to your child at the end of your life? How would you want to be remembered? How do you say goodbye? In her final hours in the Tower of London, Anne Boleyn composes a letter to her daughter Elizabeth, telling the story of her remarkable life with heartbreaking honesty. Take a refreshing look at the second wife of Henry VIII and her struggles with the shadows of her past - the shadows she cannot seem to escape- even in death. Starring Megan Greenlee and directed by David Baxter.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre | 60m Rated G

Shrew'd ImageTeresa Moore (Concord, CA)

A fun, fresh, and quirky one-woman adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew guaranteed to put a smile on your face even if you hated reading Hamlet in high school.

Theatre | 60m | Rated G

StoryoftheCenturyDavid O. Hill

The Story of the Century is an original musical about the invention of the Ezekiel Airship, an airplane designed and built by Burrell Cannon that flew one year before the Wright Brothers' historic flight. Set in Pittsburg, Texas in 1902, the musical captures the spirit of the era with rollicking melodies, social consciousness, and heart. Was Cannon a revolutionary inventor, a visionary prophet, or a misguided dreamer? This is the question that newspaper reporter Elmer Baker hopes to answer in writing the Story of the Century. Warning: Smoke, Haze or Fog

Unicorn Levin Stage | 60m | Rated G |

TableThe Living Room Theater

John is bound to a chair. A man wants to kill him, The killer is the least of John's problems. Curtis Smith's play, The Table, explores the parallels between the life we have, the life we want, and the death we deserve.

The Living Room | 60m | Rated R |

Take Flight an Adventure in Cirque - ImaginezImaginez Ensemblez (Chicago, IL)

Take Flight is a tale of courage, resiliency and friendship told through aerial silks, folk tales and lots and lots of luggage. As he clutches a one-way ticket to his dreams, Bumbles' plane stalls on the tarmac. With his heart (Kiki) and Mind (Fink) at odds, Bumbles must choose between clinging to the past or leaping into the unknown. Join Kiki, Bumbles and Fink as they journey into a circus theatre world of whimsy and imagination exploring the exhilarating joy and crippling fear of taking flight.

Union Station City Stage | 60m | Rated G |

ToymakerJesse Ray Metcalf

Prudence doesn't need a lot. She knows the things that make us all truly happy; like the gleam in the eye of a brand new toy. Loneliness only happens if you let it and Prudence is never alone in her toy store. There's fun to be had when you let your imagination go a little bonkers. Jesse Ray Metcalf's The Toymaker is a sinister ride of one woman's quest to fill the world with the beauty she sees in her mind. Come on down to the toy store; everyone's dying to play. Warning: Simulated Violence

Just Off Broadway | 60m | Rated PG

Two By Tennessee WilliamsHome Grown Theatre Co. (New York, NY)

A rare chance to see two one-act plays by the great Tennessee Williams, the author of A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and The Glass Menagerie. In Two By Tennessee Williams Kansas City Audiences will see the local premiers of Williams' one act plays I Can't Imagine Tomorrow and Green Eyes performed back to back before this production premiers in New York in the fall. From the company behind Really, Really (Fringe '15) and Princess Bride (Fringe '14) Warning: Adult Language

Arts Asylum | 60m | Rated PG

Upskirt_CECKansas City Peep Shows

Upskirt - When Dennis gets arrested for taking lewd photos at Target, his court appointed scientist moves in. Between her and his overprotective sister, will he learn to connect? CEC- Elaine has left her abusive husband and taken a sizable part of him with her. She, her sister Amy, and friend Bev, need to figure out what to do with the body part before the police close in.

Arts Asylum | 60m | Rated R

WickedCreaturesThe Living Room Theater

Lights up: England, the 1800s. When the mysterious, cross-dressing Sonja Smithson invites Archibald Worthington into her home for the evening, he suddenly finds himself held prisoner. With the aide of her two companions: the incorruptibly good Emily Clearwater, and the humorously foul-mouthed Clara Hollowell, Sonja forces Archie to perform sexual acts in the pursuit of the greatest scientific invention she can imagine: the perfect female contraceptive. But time is of the essence. Warning: Gunshots

The Living Room | 90m | Rated R |

YoungBlackVictorianHeidi Van

Orphaned by tribal warfare and saved from human sacrifice, one little girl from West Africa became the adopted goddaughter of Queen Victoria. Lady Sara Forbes Bonetta, named by the captain who rescued her, and after the ship that took her to England, impressed Queen Victoria with her intelligence. Straddling two cultures, Lady Sara spent her life between the British Royal household and her homeland in Africa. Fishtank Resident Artist Ras Badejo brings her story to life this year at the KC Fringe Festival.

The Fishtank | 60m | Rated PG |