BingoontheBoulevardDonna Woodard Ziegenhorn

Along Troost Avenue, long KC's line of demarcation, neighborhood people come to life at a monthly bingo game when tragedy hits. Inspired by true stories collected in local interviews, the play weaves together the lives of an immigrant, a KC 'blue blood,' a mental outcast, a female impersonator, and more. Cast: Ari Bavel, Pancha Brown, Lynn King and others. Elizabeth Herron (Lincoln Center & Apollo Theatre credits) directs a play by Donna W. Ziegenhorn (The Hindu & the Cowboy). Warning: Gunshots

Theatre | 60m Rated PG

LupusChroniclesRyan Hruza

The Lupus Chronic(SLE) is a new Pop-Hip-Hopera written by Ryan Hruza, dealing with the struggles that Lupus poses to those affected by the disease, both physically and emotionally. This production will serve as a condensed version of what will eventually be a full length, two act production. 20% of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. Find more information about how you can help at Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated R

MannequinsJonathan Robertson

Mannequins is a new sound play from the producer/director of Companions and The Audio Cart. Mannequins stars Manon Halliburton as a confused housewife, lost in her fantasy world of dolls, dress-up, and television. David Fritts, playing the Husband, makes every effort to reconcile sanity and normalcy in their marriage. Through audible projections of inner dialogue, this play explores what is real, what is tangible, and do those things really matter. Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG |

PrintMighty Mo Combo

The Mighty Mo Combo’s “Midnight Voyage” takes listeners on a magical journey to places far and away with jazz tunes including Duke Ellington’s Caravan, and Earth, Wind,& Fire’s Fantasy. 

Music | 60m | Rated G |

TreasureoftheGoldenMonkeyByrd Productions

In partnership with Byrd Productions, Commedia Kansas City present their first production, The Treasure of the Golden Monkey King. A comic story of greed, love and misdirection; The Treasure of the Golden Monkey King tells the story of Isabella and Flavio two lovers to be wed. That is until Pantalone, Isabella's greedy father denies the wedding. All is lost, until a mysterious traveler brings news of a prize so great that it could reunite the two love birds. What else could get in the way?

Comedy | 60m | Rated PG |

UncommonCoreTheatre 102 (Madison, WI)

There are days I look out over my students and I close my plan book and I shut my door and I open my eyes to the lessons they really need to learn, no matter what the Common Core deems worthy of my curriculum. These students deserve a celebration. Come join me and see why.

Teaching is about changing the world. If you don't believe that, you're not doing it right. - 8th Grade Student, Room 102 

Some days I look out over my students and I see hungry minds. There is much to bemoan in the current state of our education system. But none of it is the students. They deserve a celebration.

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated G

Unicorn Theater

3828 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111