Meter, Beat, and FeetRiver Cow/Kacico Dance/The Writers Place

This improvisational program brings together Dance, Music, and Poetry. Six poets each read two poems as the band and dancers listen to each poem for the first time through. Then, as the poet reads the poem again, the band produces music and the dancers provide movement to parallel the meaning and tone of the poem. Once the poet hears the music and sees the dancers, the poet tries to weave the second reading around what the musicians and dancers do. Warning: Adult Language

Bolender Center | 60m | Rated PG

QuestusCirque du Risque

A fantasy world comes to life with dragons, witches, sirens, and tax auditors named Jeremy, when a small group of friends gets together to play a session of their favorite roleplaying game. Cirque du Risqué pairs with the aerialists of Voler in this highly humorous, immersive circus-spectacular. Within this fantasy world, the party - armed only with a copy of the story they're currently living out - is tasked with finding a mysterious artifact. Can they find it before they kill each other? Warning: Nudity

Bolender Center | 90m | Rated PG |

KCMagicCabaretKC Magic Cabaret

Kansas City's finest magicians, sideshow freaks, and absolutely no f#!king mimes - All shows adults only. Rev. Al Hosts - Mysterious Bulls#@*! And Other Oddities - an adults only show that is bawdy, raucous, crazy and always filled with surprises! Reverend Al and his troupe of insane, bizarre magicians get ready to amaze, mystify, make you laugh, maybe scream, and have you saying "Ohh My God!." Come join the journey to a world you will not soon forget. Warning: Adult Language

Union Station City Stage | 60m | Rated R |