Visual Arts

The 2019 Fringe festival features over 35 artists in two galleries across many mediums. Revel in the gorgeous works of fine art presented at KC Fringe's Visual Art galleries or participate in varied receptions, events, and competitions associated with the Visual arts.

Union Station - Grand Hall

The KC Fringe Festival is once again proud to bring you our unjuried, uncensored visual arts exhibition at Union Station. You will experience visual art in all it forms, from painting to photography to sculpture and more. There will be something for everyone!

Arts Asylum

The Fringe Festival has been an extravaganza of avant-garde art in Kansas City for over a decade. For this 15th year on the Fringe, we are proud to display “mature” art at our Fringe With Benefits display. Leave the kids at home, because this art is for adult eyes only. No subject is taboo with the Fringe Festival, so come out and enjoy the riskier side of art. Fringe with Benefits will run at the Arts Asylum. Make sure you take in a show while you’re there!


So, what's happening on the FRINGE in 2024?

Check out our program for our selection of shows, events, and more!