AsphaltMosaicAndrew Rolston

A no-nonsense businessman's life is thrown into turmoil after losing the company he's spent decades growing from the ground up. Surprise comes when informed that he is a father to a daughter he never knew existed. He embarks, along with his newborn grandchild and an upbeat and offbeat free-spirited runaway girl on a cross-country road trip with the hope of making amends with his estranged daughter.

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG

A BIRD OF PREY 3x3 Graphic - Draft 2.psdThe Coterie

Monty has just arrived at a new school in a dangerous city where cruelty thrives among his peers. At home, his life isn't good due to his father; at school, he's ridiculed for carrying a Bible. Monty's one friend is a rebellious outsider who pulls the both of them into an overwhelming dilemma. Twelve teenagers who tackle mature themes and explicit language tell the gripping story. Performances will be followed by an open mic available to any who want to bring slam poetry, spoken word, or song. Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 90m | Rated PG |


Musician Kent Crockett is focused on making sure African-American voices are heard. Showing that they have excellence. Creation is the pinnacle of growth and he shows he can create something louder than a sound. Crockett is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter simply trying to send a positive message. He spreads real music by real artists the best way he can: by performing his own way. Join the Louder Than A Sound movement.

Music | 60m | Rated G

MamaLogsDebbie From (Cleveland, GA)

Prepare to be transported on a humorous and heart-warming journey skirting around the topic of motherhood. Whether you're a mother or you have a mother, come meet an array of characters who share intimate details reflecting varied perspectives on the vastness of parenting and life. A series of adult-themed monologues crafted from a combination of interviews, stories and personal experiences. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated R |

OhSusannaLucky DeLuxe (West Hollywood, CA)

Susanna Lee (Lucky DeLuxe) is a KC Fringe Festival staple. She is a standup comic, storyteller, and patron saint to provocateurs. Over the past decade, her shows have explored areas of life that others don't dare touch. Her charm, honesty, and wit make stories from the darker side of life not only palatable, but distinctively enlightening. In 2016, she sets aside her persona (Lucky DeLuxe) for a more elemental show, filling an hour of your life with an experience you can't find anywhere else. Warning: Adult Language

Comedy | 60m | Rated R |

PissingontheGreatWallMaximum Verbosity (St. Louis Park, MN)

A cranky Chinese-American returns to the Middle Kingdom in the midst of a new identity crisis. Whether beating the streets of Beijing in pursuit of a stolen backpack or confronting Communism in an Emperor's tomb, engaging in a battle of wits with overzealous tour guides or performing a pig sacrifice in his ancestral village, the champion of negative thought returns with more mystery, more musings, and of course more angst, in his first travelogue since the 2010 Fringe hit Descendant of Dragons. Warning: Adult Language

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated PG |

Script teaseThe KC Improv Company

The KC Improv Company returns to Fringe with Script Tease! What happens when one actor doesn't know her lines, the play, or even the person she's performing with? Script Tease! is what happens! See the hilarity that happens when we pair a rehearsed actor with a completely clueless improviser. The second half of this show will feature one of the KC Improv Company's signature formats. Completely improvised and always funny. We make it up. All of it. Using YOUR suggestions! Warning: Adult Language

Comedy | 60m | Rated R |

West Port Coffee House

4010 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, MO 64111