Company Name: Jamie Mayo

City/State: Kansas City, Missouri

Genre: Spoken Word, Storyteller

Ratings: All Ages

Warnings: Other - One of the ghost stories has a rather gruesome occurrence.

Run Time: 60 minutes


Of all the things that have haunted me, nothing has been more relentless than the echo of my own fading voice. This genre-defying tale is two parts ghost story, one part dug-up history, and all parts personal saga. From the hills of southeast Missouri where the civil war still lingers like mist in the early morning, I have been running for my life—only to chase the specter of myself right back where I started. Settle in around the campfire, wrap yourself up tight, and have a listen. If you dare.



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  1. Maureen Kennedy on July 31, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    Jamie is a wonderful story teller. I think her personal stories are the best.

    Thanks, Jamie for sharing with us.

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