Joy of Life/OK it’s OK it’ll be OK

Company Name: Alexej Savreux

City/State: Kansas City, Missouri

Genre: Film, Spoken Word

Ratings: Mature Audiences

Warnings: Adult Language, Other - Thematic Elements

Run Time: 16 minutes


Joy of Life: 00.05
Joy of Life is a short film shot in 2019, 2020, and 2021, and completed in 2021. The film explores the emotionless desert of schizophrenia as seen firsthand from its director, Alexej Savreux. The film was originally conceived as a video art exhibit but subsequently expanded into more substantive and deeper territory including existential philosophy, Taoism, religious humanism, epistemology, and poetry and psychoanalysis. The film was shot with the input and advice of Savreux's colleague and friend, photographer and filmmaker, Tonia Indigo Hughes, a professor of film and photography in the Kansas City region. Focused on themes of post-industrial society alienation, the marginalized artist, and the resilient village eccentric, Joy of Life dives deep inside a curious mind completely consumed with such an absurdly complex and bizarre syndrome.

Ok it's Ok it'll be Ok: 11:07
Filmed on a budget of a denoise application and two milkshakes, totaling $16.38, Trinidad Raj Molina films poet and village eccentric Alexej Savreux while they talk about why and how life is always ok over milkshakes in Kansas.

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