Company Name: John Street Theater Company

City/State: Cincinnati, Ohio

Genre: Comedy

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Warnings: Adult Language

Run Time: 35 minutes


How do you create a terrible play? First, you gather eight improv actors. Next, you ask them to devise a 20 minute nonsensical play designed to alienate an audience. Then, you convince 20 people to come see “the best play you’ve ever written” – and you film their reactions. Welcome to Staged, the show that is also a prank. Cast includes Lyd Noll, Jack McElroy, Charles Gidney, Liddy Hade, Abby Palen, Patrick Parker, Amanda Monyhan, and Noah Buyak.



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  1. Nicole Hall on July 30, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    A lot of thoughts.
    How cruel.
    How … not inspirational… but provocative?
    The red-haired man with the suspenders worried that the interview was the prank is the kind of danger I feel this show represented.
    I loved “Abby’s better than this.”
    I think this was just absurdism + current events (two things that are easy to hate, so well done, I guess)
    The interviews made the piece watchable.
    It would’ve been much better if they hadn’t been wearing masks; masks erase half of the reactions. 🙁
    This form of theatre is now coined “Fringe Cringe.” Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

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