Bi Spy

By Csquared Productions

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2408 Bi Spy

Company Name: Csquared Productions

City/State: Lansing, KS

Genre: Comedy, Theatre

Ratings: Mature Audiences Only

Premiere: Yes

Warnings: Adult Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Gunshots

Venue: Independence Blvd Christian Church

Show Times:

7:30 PM Friday, July 19
3:00 PM Saturday, July 20
6:00 PM Tuesday, July 23
10:30 PM Friday, July 26
9:00 PM Saturday, July 27


It’s the height of The Cold War. A top secret security parcel has gone missing, incepted by the notorious Dr. Makarov. The General Association of Intelligence (G.A.I.) has tapped agents Joan Barlowe and William Hart to recover it. Though when Joan goes undercover, she quickly finds herself in too deep, and possibly in love. Now Joan finds herself in the center of an international crisis, with everyone on her trail from the East, the West, and worst of all… The Straights.


JEN RAINES as Joan Barlowe
CHRIS COLE as William Hart
CAYLEE SMITH as Dr. Makarov
DIONNA PATRICK as Ensemble One
TRE DRUMMER as Ensemble Two
ROBERT RAINES as The Narrator

Directed by CHRIS COLE

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