Choral Odes

By The Body & Voice KC

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2415-Choral Odes

Company Name: The Body & Voice KC

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Genre: Music, Theatre

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Premiere: Yes

Warnings: Adult Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Strobe Lights

Venue: KC Oasis

Show Times:

9:00 PM Friday, July 19
10:30 PM Saturday, July 20
7:30 PM Sunday, July 21
9:00 PM Friday, July 26
6:00 PM Saturday, July 27


Step into the world of "Choral Odes" at KC Fringe! Our ensemble piece, devised by local actors exploring the power of body and voice, channels the spirit of Greek choruses with a modern twist. Through interconnected pieces, we embody the voices of the public, weaving a tapestry of emotion and insight. Join us for a dynamic showcase of talent and collaboration! Plus, be prepared for some interactive moments where YOUR voice becomes part of the chorus!


Director: Jamie Morrow

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