KKFI’s Foolkiller Folk Singalong

By CrossCurrents Culture Unlimited Inc

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Company Name: CrossCurrents Culture Unlimited Inc

City/State: Kansas City

Genre: Music

Ratings: All Ages

Venue: KC Oasis

Show Times:

1:30 PM Saturday, July 20


KKFI’s Foolkiller Folk Radio Show celebrates their 35th anniversary with seriously fun audiences sing-along songs to promote social justice agitation, human spirit inspiration. and community celebration. Join us as we sing about civil rights, workers rights, women's rights, diverse human rights...and the right to just enjoy raising our voices together. Your singing voice isn't ready for prime time? No problem! When everyone is singing, no one is listening to you anyway. Lyric sheets provided.


Bill Clause
Bob and Diana Suckiel
Joyce Downing
Carol Smith
Tamara Severns

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