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Company Name: Circus Scorpius

City/State: Lenexa KS

Genre: Circus

Ratings: All Ages

Director: Kelsey Aicher

Premiere: Yes

Venue: City Stage at Union Station

Show Times:

7:30 PM Friday, July 19
1:30 PM Sunday, July 21
6:00 PM Wednesday, July 24
10:30 PM Friday, July 26
6:00 PM Saturday, July 27


In the creation of any art, one is faced with many obstacles, external and internal alike. pivot follows The Artist as she writes a new story while reflecting on her own. Inspired by the real experiences of the show creator, pivot demonstrates the hurdles that arise with every circus production, including moments of vulnerability. Art is messy and rarely takes a straight path. Aerialists, contortionists, acrobats, and jugglers will show how The Artist has to pivot to reach the finish line.


Director: Kelsey Aicher
Choreographers: Elena Sherman, Kelsey Aicher, Madi Nispel, Melissa Hoefer, Sonja Schulz
Performers: Circ.S Company Members

Past Fringe Shows:

Circus Scorpius:
Here Be Dragons!, 2023
The Glass Combat Re-Boot, 2022

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