Improv SpringBoard presents Playback Theatre

By Improv SpringBoard

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Fringe Festival Final-3

Company Name: Improv SpringBoard

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Genre: Comedy, Improvisation/Sketch, Theatre

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Venue: Whim Space

Show Times:

6:00 PM Tuesday, July 23
7:30 PM Wednesday, July 24
6:00 PM Thursday, July 25
9:00 PM Friday, July 26
3:00 PM Saturday, July 27


You know those ordinary nights that turn magical when you start sharing stories and reliving memories with your friends? And then your friends get up and reenact the stories you just told? No? Well, that’s exactly what happens in Playback Theatre!

Improv SpringBoard and drama therapist Emily Bartlett (b. Hive theatre) are excited to bring this innovative improv format to KC Fringe! In each performance, a talented group of improvisers will try to recreate stories told by audience members. And here’s a big twist: The audience members will tell the improvisers how well they did. Then the improvisers will try again! Unlike traditional improv formats, Playback Theatre tries for authenticity, leading to sets that can be as powerful and poignant as they are funny! Another twist - all of the improvisers are women or nonbinary folks!


Directed by Emily Bartlett Produced by Marian McClellan

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