Seance Sisters

By Rebecca Wickert

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Company Name: Rebecca Wickert

City/State: Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Theatre

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Warnings: Smoke, Haze or Fog, Strobe Lights,

Venue: The Black Box

Show Times:

3:00 PM Saturday, July 20
6:00 PM Sunday, July 21
9:00 PM Wednesday, July 24
7:30 PM Friday, July 26
4:30 PM Saturday, July 27


In 1888, the Fox Sister Mediums were the foremost figures of the American Spiritualism Movement. They toured the United States, summoning “spirits” through widely popular seances. Until one night when everything changed…Join us as history repeats itself and the Fox Sisters perform their final seance.


Creator/Director, Rebecca Wickert
Playwright, Marguerite Arbogast
Stage Manager, Evelyn Kelly

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