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Mature Audience Only

Company Name: Tennessee Playwrights Studio

City/State: Nashville, TN

Genre: Theatre

Ratings: Mature Audiences Only

Director: Molly Breen

Warnings: Adult Language, Violence, Sexual Content

Venue: The Arts Asylum

Show Times:

10:30 PM Friday, July 19
6:00 PM Saturday, July 20
3:00 PM Sunday, July 21
7:30 PM Tuesday, July 23
6:00 PM Wednesday, July 24


THAT WOMAN - The Monologue Show - perspectives of women involved with President John F. Kennedy, including: Ellen Rometsch, Blaze Starr, Mimi Alford, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Judith Exner and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

“…pieces that reach beyond decades of headlines, books and broadcast documentaries regarding President Kennedy’s extramarital affairs for the humanity, and individuality, of the women either revealed or alleged to have been involved with him.." -Evans Donnell,


Directed by Molly Breen
Ellen Rometsch - Kisha Banister
Mimi Alford - Molly Breen
Blaze Starr - Jessie Paxton
Mary Pinchot Meyer - Lauren Smith
Judith Exner - Brioni Garvin
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - Jessica Whitfield

Past Fringe Shows:

After KC Fringe That Woman is headed to:
Minnesota Fringe Festival - August 2024
St. Lou Fringe - August, 2024
Rochester Fringe Festival - September, 2024
Philly Fringe Festival - September, 2024
Elgin Fringe Festival - September, 2024
Barstool Productions - United Kingdom, Slated for 2024

Alabama International Fringe Festival, 2023

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