The Adventures of Radioactivity Man & One Eyed Electrical Socket

By Iris Inn Productions

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Company Name: Iris Inn Productions

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Genre: Comedy

Ratings: All Ages

Director: Joshua Gleeson

Playwright: Joshua Gleeson

Premiere: Yes

Venue: The Arts Asylum

Show Times:

7:30 PM Friday, July 19
7:30 PM Sunday, July 21
7:30 PM Thursday, July 25
9:00 PM Friday, July 26
4:30 PM Saturday, July 27


From the insanely creative mind of a 7th Grader comes a superhero tale so spectacular, so incredible, so superhero adjective-ly silly, you’ll never be able to laugh the same way again!

The Adventures of Radioactivity Man and One Eyed Electrical Socket is the energetic, fun-fun times that only a child and some of KC’s best comedic performers could ever create. During an accident on a school field trip to their local nuclear facility, best friends Jack Saunders and Bethany Butler were imbued with high concentrations of radioactivity giving them supernatural, superhuman abilities. Using these abilities and their inseparable friendship, they protect the citizens of Downtown City from the evil antics of their arch nemeses…? Neh-meh-says? Their arch nem is seas: Dr. Victor Von Villain, whose one mission is to be the villainiest villain that has ever villained!!! Come see the adventure story some people are calling, “a one act, comedic superhero play written by Joshua Gleeson.” Heroes and friendships will be tested! Ceilings and minds will be shattered!! The Adventures of Radioactivity Man and One Eyed Electrical Socket is escapism fun for the whole family!!!


Professor Victor Von Villain - Richard Bertoldie
Dr. Ilsa McGoo - Elsa Bernauer
Sir Lady Scream-a-lot - Jamie Pratt
One Eyed Electrical Socket - Ai Vy Bui
Radioactivity Man - Robert Vardiman

Playwright/Director - Joshua Gleeson
Stage Manager - Matthew Koehler
Costume Designer - Taylor Zimmerman

Original Collaborators : Ben Auxier, Michael Hudgens, Richard Weber, Alec Rigdon

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