Thy Hard: A Shakespearean Reimagination of Die Hard

By Michael Shaeffer

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Company Name: Michael Shaeffer

City/State: Estherville, IA

Genre: Comedy, Theatre

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Premiere: Yes

Warnings: Adult Language, Gunshots

Venue: Center for Spiritual Living

Show Times:

6:00 PM Saturday, July 20
4:30 PM Sunday, July 21
6:00 PM Tuesday, July 23
7:30 PM Friday, July 26
6:00 PM Saturday, July 27


Forsooth! National Poetry Slam poet Mike Shaeffer pitches a Shakespearean adaptation of Die Hard! Makeshift air vents, fire-hazard policies, and a budgetary cap on Twinkies rear their ugly, cream-filled heads as a desperate playwright navigates a Nakatomi Plaza of pitfalls and pentameter. Mike gets all meta, weaving sonnets and soliloquies for all the major players: Sgt. Powell, Takagi, Karl, Argyle, Holly, the villainous Hans Gruber, and Detective John McClane. Yippee kay-yay, muckle rucker!


Michael Shaeffer
Charlie Pautler

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