TransMasculine Cabaret, Starring Vulva Va-Voom

By Vulva Va-Voom & Company

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Company Name: Vulva Va-Voom & Company

City/State: Tampa, FL

Genre: Burlesque, Musical, Storyteller

Ratings: Mature Audiences Only

Playwright: Vulva Va-Voom

Warnings: Adult language, sexual content. Transphobia/queerphobia. Brief mention of sexual assault.

Venue: Whim Space

Show Times:

10:30 PM Friday, July 19
9:00 PM Saturday, July 20
4:30 PM Sunday, July 21
10:30 PM Friday, July 26
6:00 PM Saturday, July 27


Hardships, meet hilarity. "TragiComic transgender-identifying true confessional" and "obscene,
maniacal burlesque star" may sound incompatible...but this gritty song-and-dance nightclub
headliner has combined stranger, stickier things onstage. Who gets to define whether someone
is a drag queen, king, or an in-between? What happens when "dark humor as a non-stop coping
mechanism" falls short? More info, 9 Fringe awards, and NYC critics' reviews ("Smart," "VIP,"
"Sheer talent") at


Head Writer, Actor, Lead Creative: Vulva Va-Voom // Creative Consultant: Shane Mayforth // Set Piece: Gutter Fly Productions // Rehearsal Assistant: Kelsifer McCarter //

Past Fringe Shows:

Vulva Va-Voom's Fringe History:
Juried selection, Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest, 2023
TIFF's "The Edge" Award, 2022

Fringes since 2018. Florida, Georgia, NC, NYC.

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