The Discipleship Video Series

By New Digital Pathways

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Company Name: New Digital Pathways

City/State: Lenexa, Kansas

Ratings: All Ages

Venue: Stray Cat Film Center

Show Times:

3:00 PM Saturday, July 13
4:30 PM Sunday, July 14


This is the first faith-based film series in KC Fringe history. Five short films depicting His words from The Gospel According to Matthew applied to original dramatic scenes involving a variety of discipleship options in today's extremely complex social array. This film series is both educational and enlightening. It reaches into the collective minds of award winning educators, actors, writers, and producers to faithfully present His words and actions as described in Matthew. Come and see!

Past Fringe Shows:

Produced by Dennis Dey (The EDIT film.)
Nancy Marcy (The September 7, 2022 film.)
& Bill Millican (Co-Producer - Matthew 28: 16-20.)

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