The Moonlight Mist Stories

By StevenShadeFilms

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F2465 - The Moonlight Mist Stories

Company Name: StevenShadeFilms

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Warnings: Violence, Blood

Venue: Stray Cat Film Center

Show Times:

10:30 PM Friday, July 12
7:30 PM Saturday, July 13


This is a collection of short films that dab in the psychological, science fiction, and horror. One tells of a poet with a dead lover and a magical quill. One is of an alien head for sale in a shop of weird items. Another tells of a man-spider after an old woman's soul. Each is a period piece presented for the viewer in B&W picture. They are connected and exist together in The Moonlight Mist.

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