Title: KaleidEscapes by LaGrave Designs

Location: Local - KCMO

My passion for travel, architecture, pattern and paper are expressed through my artwork. Using my own travel photos, I create kaleidoscopic patterns that are printed on photo paper, hand cut with scissors, and layered with foam to create a dimensional kaleidoscopic representation of the original photo.
The resulting artwork captures the essence of the original destination while retaining an air of mystery and wonder. While it may no longer look like the original photo, it still feels like that place. The artwork immerses you in your memories every time you look at it, conjuring the sights, sounds, smells and even tastes of your time there.
Artwork should elicit emotion, for both the creator and the patron. I love hearing the memories and travel stories that my work evokes from my customers, creating a connection through our shared experiences and our love of travel. My artwork allows people, including myself, to relive those memories daily!

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