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Title: SPYN ART & DSYN STUDIO / Hecho Kc

Location: Kansas City, MO

"In my artistic voyage, I weave together elements of equilibrium, individuality, conceptual richness, and inclusivity. With a holistic ethos, I delve deep into the creative odyssey, perpetually exploring and evolving from inception to fruition. This ethos is driven by my fervor for growth and adaptability, as I aspire to cultivate clarity of thought that purifies my artistic journey.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of our world — its landscapes, cultures, and societies — I endeavor to craft pieces that kindle a flame within the observer or participant. My art seeks to provoke, affirm, and catalyze change, delivering a profound and enlightening encounter to each individual who interacts with my creative expressions.

Bio: Luis is a visionary artist hailing from the heart of Kansas City, where he honed his craft at the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute. With a rich tapestry of skills spanning multimedia, 3D materials, and visual storytelling, he has etched his name among the city’s foremost creative minds.
As the founder of SPYN, a dynamic branding and graphic design studio, Luis orchestrates transformative experiences for clients, including industry giants like A. Zahner Co. and JE Dunn. But his artistic journey doesn’t stop there. Through Hecho KC, Luis channels his Chicano heritage into stunning art and decor, infusing cultural roots into every piece he creates.
Luis’s impact reverberates throughout the community, from his tenure as curator at BASE, a vibrant gallery space, to his role as a catalyst for public art projects like the Mattie Rhodes Cultural Center’s Trellis initiative, as Facilitator and lead Artist / Designer. He lends his expertise to organizations like AIGA KC and Cinema KC, championing diversity and inclusion in the arts.

Beyond his professional accolades, Luis is a seasoned actor and poet, weaving narratives that captivate audiences on stage and in verse. His passion for uniting people through creativity shines in every endeavor, from museum shows to community fundraisers, leaving an indelible mark on Kansas City’s cultural landscape."

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