Medium Painting “Serenity”

Title: Leslie Norman Hubble

Location: Local-Kansas City, MO

In this series I feature birds and flowers and hope to represent some of the symbols elicited by them – such as joy, pleasure, freedom, bravery and new beginnings. To me flowers and birds portray strength amid delicacy. Painting them is therapeutic and forces me to slow down and enjoy every petal, every feather. My process begins by taking photos of flowers and choosing ones I wish to paint. I do not photograph birds – that is something I would like to do in the future – but look for interesting birds online. I paint in layers, letting each layer dry before proceeding to the next. I like to use an abundance of paint and modeling paste in these pieces, proceeding in a free and impasto fashion and believe this captures the physical manifestations of the flower petals and birds’ feathers, as well as the landscapes, or waterscapes, surrounding them. I also like to paint with a vibrant or pastel palette which are energizing and comforting to me. Essentially, painting flowers and birds helps me to slow my pace and breathe in the beauty nature provides.

I work mostly in traditional painting and digital art. I also work in mixed media, collage, and medical art. My studio is my apartment, which is perfect for me and my complete dedication to making art. I long ago made a commitment to producing art that attempts to create less conventional, even disturbing, ways of viewing American culture, society, contradictions, and technology and how they coincide with the human body and with human nature. Banksy’s statement, that “[a]rt should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” is a credo I applaud.

I normally sell art through large in-person exhibits, social media, and my website. I have been a professional visual artist for more than 15 years.

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P.O. Box 415001
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