Painting with a purpose

Title: A. Goodwin Art

Location: Local-Kansas City, Mo

Anna has always had the gift of art. She attended Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing arts where she majored and excelled in Visual Arts. Although, while there she was able to advance her skills, she didnt take her gift for art serious yet. Years later, she started to sketch again on a very regular basis. After being brave enough to share her art on social media she was blown away by all the positive comments she received. Some time after she decided to try watercolor and shortly thereafter she experimented with acrylic paint. There was a spark! She fell in love with painting. It was the one subject she didn’t take in high school because it was intimidating and misunderstood. She literally avoided painting only to find her passion hidden within it years later.
Now, she can’t see herself not painting. Whether it be a canvas, a wall, a diy project she saw on Pinterest, she is devoted to paint something!
It’s so therapeutic and relaxing and it calms her nerves and anxiety. She encourages anyone to paint regardless of their skill level. That’s what she tells people at her paint parties she has occasionally facilitates. She tells them “trust the process". She's followed that advice and been on this art journey for 8 years. While she is still learning and coming out of her introverted shell, she is confident that painting has a purpose. She has been most impressed with seeing her 2 sons both have a gift and passion for art as well. She officially became a full time artist in October 2023.

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