Fringeprov - Plan B Productions

Reviewed By Kat Whalen

“Fringeprov” is an improv show that gives members of the group Plan B Productions the opportunity to react to shows currently running at the Festival. Show titles are pulled from a bag, the descriptions read, and the team is given 3 minutes to create a show. Neither the audience nor the cast know which shows will be picked but that doesn't matter very much. This reviewer had seen none of the shows picked on Friday night but it was still well-worth seeing, It was hard to imagine that some of the actual shows are better than the improv versions!

“An Awkward Little Man” was particularly funny, as the three members of the Green Team all knelt on stage and delivered monologues including all—or most—of the topics covered in the original show. The humor derived from the cast members attempt to make their monologues sound coherent while including topics such as daddy issues, depression, the 2nd amendment, the secret ingredient in Ezekiel bread and having a gay kid--all in 3 minutes! The Blue Team hit a home run with “Naked and Uncensored on the Radio”, in which one of the cast confidently portrayed a nudist, while fending off increasingly hostile questions from a team of radio hosts seeking to unsettle her.

“Fingerprov” works well for all Fringe aficionados, whether familiar with the shows picked, or not. Fringe veterans Bryan Colley and Tara Varney have assembled a skilled group of improv performers and delivered yet another crowd-pleasing Fringe romp.

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