KCCAT Presents The Weirdos Comedy Hour

By KCCAT and Forest Kinsey Films

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F2461 - Weirdoscomedyhour

Company Name: KCCAT and Forest Kinsey Films

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Warnings: Adult Language

Venue: Stray Cat Film Center

Show Times:

9:00 PM Saturday, July 13
6:00 PM Sunday, July 14


"The Weirdos (Forest Kinsey and Sadie Teel) Comedy Hour (50 minutes) is not to be missed! (you are under no legal obligation to attend" - Steven Sodaburg

Past Fringe Shows:

Forest participated in 2021's KC Virtual Fringe with the multiple Fringe award winning production DramaUrge. In 2023 he was the co-creator of Nervous Energy: Two Weirdos Films. Sadie submitted Home is Where the Haunt Is for 2021, was in Fringeprov in 2022, and was the other creator of Nervous Energy in 2023.

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