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2021 KC Fringe Festival Reviews

‘One Sacred Day’ and Other Tales from the Land - by Trish Eisele - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

#txtzero - by Brian Feldman Projects - Reviewed by Bob Evans

#txtzero - by Brian Feldman Projects - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

A Day at the Beach - by Ultrasuede Productions - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

BASCULE: Balancing Art and Passion - by Kansas City Aerial - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy - by Lil Theatre Co. - Reviewed by Bob Evans

DramaUrge - by Forest Kinsey - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Dreams and Memories - by Lorraine Darnell - Reviewed by Luke Dodge

Faring Through the Ages - by Rising Tide Productions - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Fast Forward - by Lavinia Roberts - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

Fast Forward - by Lavinia Roberts - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Grýla – Not for Children - by Christian Hege, Storyteller in Verse - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

Haunted - by Jamie Mayo - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Hell, MT - by Dream Team Productions - Reviewed by Kelly Luck

Here’s Why Beatboxing Will Change Your Life - by SKIPPY - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

Home is Where the Haunt is - by Sadie & Melvin Teel - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

IFCKC Presents: Film at the FRINGE - by Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

In Their Own Words - by The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City presents RiSE - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

It’s Now or Never: My Life in the Middle Ages - by Judah Leblang - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Joy of Life/OK it’s OK it’ll be OK - by Alexej Savreux - Reviewed by Bob Evans

JUDAS - by BeeJay Aubertin-Clinton - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

Laughing at Funerals - by Ryan McChesney - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Mamihlapinatapai - by Poetic Thespian Productions - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

Molière Than Thou - by Tim Mooney - Reviewed by Bob Evans

My Dear Debbie - by Casey Tregeagle - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

My Dear Debbie - by Casey Tregeagle - Reviewed by Bob Evans

My Favorite Things: ” The Chocolate Mixtape” - by Cia Michelle - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

On Account of Sex - by Fourth Wave Theater - Reviewed by Kelly Luck

On the Concept of Irony (with No Reference to Socrates) - by Maximum Verbosity - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

One Easy Lie - by Martin Dockery - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

Qaddafi’s Cook - by Belville Productions, Bons Tempos Theatre - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

RhythmScape – Indian Classical Dance Experience - by Kathak Aura - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

ROAR: A New Musical - by Bodhi Theater - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Rosegold - by Donna Kay Yarborough - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

Safe - by FMG - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Staged - by John Street Theater Company - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

Symbiotique duo - by Symbiotique (Seth Andrew Davis & Michael Eaton) - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler - by Randy Ross - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

The Black Creatures in A Mezzopiano Afternoon - by The Black Creatures - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

The Comical Heathen - by Jerry C Jaffe - Reviewed by Kelly Luck

The CommUNITY Dance Cypher - by Maya Tillman-Rayton - Reviewed by Karen Staehling

The Fabulous King James Bible - by New Generation Theatrical - Reviewed by Bob Evans

The kNew-Born - by BeThePhenom - Reviewed by Barbara Dooley

The Most Random Sketch Show with Kat & Sarah - by Yaskween Productions - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

These Confessing Animals - by Poet Jen Harris - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

This Podcast is Uncalled for with Patrick Poe and Mike Czerniewski - by Mike Czerniewski - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Triple Bypass: 3 Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death & Dying for Life - by Hardly Working Promotions LLC - Reviewed by Teresa Leggard

Visual Arts - by Various - Reviewed by Macy Vulgamore

When - by VidaDance - Reviewed by Bob Evans

Worst Cruises Ever! - by Mike Speller - Reviewed by Kelly Luck

Worst Cruises Ever! - by Mike Speller - Reviewed by Karen Staehling


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